The annual tradition of posting a different vintage image each day during advent, and this year, it’s of London’s old railway stations.

Highbury & Islington

Highbury & Islington

Opened in 1850 to an impressive gothic design by Edwin Henry Horne for the North London Railway , it was damaged during WW2, and finally demolished in the 1960s.

At the time, the separate Great Northern railway station on the other side of the road was merged with the new 1960s building to create today’s Highbury & Islington station.

The station today is an almost anonymous box, and a far cry from the previous landmark building.

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3 comments on “Advent Calendar – Day 4
  1. Matt says:

    I’ve seen this photo before, but I’m unable to pace it in context of the modern building… can anyone help me out?

    • Chris M says:

      The modern building uses most of the footprint of the central wing of the old building. Just to the left of the modern entrance you can see a fragment of the old building.

      This was one of the 1960s greatest crimes against the built environment – and it’s not as if that’s a small field.

    • Matt says:

      Many thanks Chris! So on the photo above the left wing which comes towards us, is approximately where the “Famous Cock” pub is now. So that would mean the camera is pointing west.