A major construction project will have photographic records of the work done, but can also sometimes seek out more artistic interpretations, and Crossrail has done that.


In 2013, Julie Leonard won an open competition to become the first artist-in-residence for Crossrail, and now some of that work has gone on display, at the Building Centre in central London.


The exhibition highlights Julie’s work through five key themes: people, places and spaces, inspiring women, communities and digging up the past. The result is a series of bold, colourful images of scenes seen through the eyes of a diverse range of people working on the Crossrail project, from tunnellers and engineers to project managers and archaeologists.


It’s a unique style of art which either appeals, or repels, but it is certainly bold in its concept, and an alternative way of looking at the future Elizabeth line.


The art is done using a smartphone — photos taken and then edited on the handset directly. And this is reflected in a charming manner by the buisiness cards — in the shape of a smartphone in an upturned Crossrail hard hat.

The exhibition is open until 23rd December at the Building Centre, just off Tottenham Court Road.


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