It’s time to start plotting how we shall remember the downfall of a papist plot, and watch the skies over London explode with fireworks. And in a few locations, the display’s still include the traditional bonfire as well.

Normally, it’s possible to get a whole weekend of firework displays in across London, but this year, because the 5th November is a Saturday, most venues are putting on their bonfire night displays on the same evening.

In fact, the best firework display might be to find somewhere high on the edge of London and watch all of them at once.


London’s Fireworks Night Displays

Area Date Gates Open Main Fireworks Cost
(price in advance)
Alexandra Palace 4th Nov 4pm 9pm £9 (£7) Street food and beer festival.
Alexandra Palace 5th Nov 3pm 8pm £9 (£7) Street food and beer festival.
Arnos Grove 5th Nov 5pm 7:30pm £5
Barnes 5th Nov 5:30pm 7:45pm £15 Bonfire lit at 7pm.
Barnet 5th Nov Noon 7:30pm £8 (£7)
Battersea 5th Nov 6pm 8:10pm £10 (£6.50) Tickets in advance only.
Beckenham 5th Nov 6pm 8:15pm £10 Children’s show at 7pm
Bexley/Welling 5th Nov 6pm 8pm £10 (£6.60) Funfair
Blackheath 5th Nov Noon 8pm Free Funfair
Brockham 5th Nov 6:15pm 8:15pm Free Huge event with parade and bonfire.
Wembley 6th Nov 6pm 6.30pm Free
Carshalton 5th Nov 5pm 7pm £7.50 (£5) Bonfire lit at 7.30pm
Central London 12th Nov n/a 5:15pm Free Riverside display for the Lord Mayor’s Show
Cheshunt 6th Nov 4:30pm 6:30pm £7.50
Chislehurst 5th Nov 6pm 7:30pm £7 Funfair, Hog-roast and stalls
Chigwell 5th Nov 6:30pm 7:30pm £11.25
Crystal Palace 5th Nov 6pm 8:30pm £8 Children’s show at 7pm
Dulwich 5th Nov 5pm 7pm £5 Bonfire lit at 6:30pm
Ealing 5th Nov 6pm 7:45pm £6 BBQ and bars.
Epping 6th Nov 4:30pm 7:30pm £5 Tickets in advance only.
Epsom 5th Nov 5:30pm 7:30pm £7.50 (£5)
Fulham 4th Nov tba tba tba
Hackney 5th Nov 5:30pm 7pm £8.50 Discounts for locals
Hammersmith 7th Nov tba tba tba
Harrow 7th Nov noon 7:30pm £6
Hillingdon 5th Nov noon 7:30pm £6
Finchley 6th Nov 5:30pm 7:30pm £8
Kempton Park 5th Nov 6pm 8pm £7
Kingston 4th Nov 6:30pm 8pm £5 (£4) Children’s funfair rides
Morden Park 5th Nov 5:15pm 8:30pm £10 (£8) Children’s display at 6:45pm
Orpington 4th Nov 6pm 7:30pm £8
Paddington 5th Nov 6pm 7:15pm £10 Tickets in advance only
Loughton 5th Nov 6pm 7pm £6 Tickets in advance only.
Richmond 6th Nov 4:30pm 7pm £8
Southgate 5th Nov 5pm 7pm £8 (£6)
Southwark 5th Nov 5pm 7pm Free Tickets in advance only.
Staines tba tba tba tba
Stratford 4th Nov 6:30pm tba Free Tickets in advance only.
Teddington 3rd Nov 6pm tba Free
Teddington 5th Nov tba tba tba
Totteridge 4th Nov 5pm 7:40pm £8 (£7) Bonfire lit at 6:30pm
Tower Hamlets/Victoria Park 6th Nov 6pm 7pm Free
Uxbridge 3rd Nov 5:30pm tba £4.50
Vauxhall 29th Nov 7pm n/a Free Not fireworks – but a fire festival.
Waltham Abbey 5th Nov 2pm 7pm £9.75
Waltham Abbey 6th Nov 2pm 7pm £9.75
Waltham Forest 4th Nov 6:30pm 8pm Free
Wanstead Flats 5th Nov 5:30pm 7:30pm Free
Watford 5th Nov 6pm 7:30pm Free Bonfire lit at 7pm
Welling 5th Nov 6pm 8pm £10 (£6)
Wembley 6th Nov 6pm 6.30pm Free
West Wickham 5th Nov tba tba tba
Willesden 31st Oct 2pm 8pm Free Children’s display at 7pm
Wimbledon Park 3rd Nov 5:15pm 8:30pm £10 (£8) Children’s display at 6:45pm

And of course, there’s the New Year’s Eve fireworks in central London, tickets here

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