If you wander around the streets of Whitehall at the moment, you might bump into a few rather odd looking objects.

At least, they are odd to the experienced eye, as on my visit most people seemed to barely notice them. These ghostly echos of the lost Palace of Whitehall.

A dark wooden door leading from nowhere to nowhere standing alone in the middle of a pavement.


A mighty archway to welcome visitors into the Palace, and walked around by most of the people observed by your correspondent on a Saturday afternoon.


A tall flag pole looking not out of place in Whitehall today, but is from Whitehall of yesterday.

Mascots on poles, overlooking the people who overlooked them.


As it happens, this is also an interactive display, if you know to go to Banqueting House and book a tour with headphones. Which I didn’t.

So maybe the arty history thingy is quite good, but the lack of advertising of the ephemeral nature of the display meant I knew the objects were here to be seen, but not that anything else was involved.

Until I got home and looked up the link they advertise on the objects.



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One comment on “Find the Lost Palace of Whitehall
  1. christopher Makin says:

    Thanks Ian – I always enjoy your weekly update and appreciate how you track down the most interesting things in this great city!

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