Crossrail has released photos of the recently completed platforms at Liverpool Street station, some 30 metres below the streets.


Platform construction at Liverpool Street station completes

The two 240 metre long platforms were pre-fabricated in more than 500 pieces at a factory near Sheffield. They were then transported to London, lowered down the station’s main shaft and pieced together below ground.

The new platforms have taken around four months to install and are around twice the length of many existing London Underground platforms to accommodate the new 200 metre long Elizabeth line trains.


Liverpool Street station platforms under construction

When it opens, an estimated 124,000 passengers will use the station every day.


Liverpool Street station platforms under construction

The Crossrail project is approaching 75% complete and is now focussed on the job of fitting out the stations and tunnels with the equipment and systems needed to operate the railway.

Nearly four kilometres of platforms have been constructed at stations in central London. The platforms are now complete at all stations from Paddington to Woolwich apart from Whitechapel where construction is ongoing.


Liverpool Street platform section lowered down the main shaft

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2 comments on “Photos from Crossrail’s Liverpool Street station
  1. ged says:

    I work at the factory where the platform segments were fabricated it took about 20 weeks to complete the job
    Nice to see the product installed

    • Clunking Fist says:

      20 weeks just for Liverpool Street? Are you fabricating segments for the other stations, or were they separate contracts?