Fancy taking a trip in a heritage London bus through the middle of a military firing range? In 70 days time, you can — so keep Saturday 20th August free in your diary.

In the middle of the firing range

In the middle of the firing range

Once a year, a small fleet of vintage buses, and maybe a few modern ones are allowed to run trips through the middle of Salisbury Plains, past burnt out tanks and unexploded ordinance, to a deserted village.

It’s one of the rather odder heritage bus days, and unlike most heritage runs, this one uses a specially created, but fully official bus Route 23A, which is only in use on this one day of each year.

At least 7 former London Transport Routemaster buses, plus probably a new one or two, will provide a bus service from Warminster Station to Imber and other isolated locations on the Salisbury Plain. As the buses will be providing an ordinary bus service, there will be no need to book in advance – just turn up and pay the conductor on the bus.

Unwise to wander off

Unwise to wander off

If you fancy a fine day out in the countryside, to visit an abandoned village, and do so in a fleet of London buses, then keep the 20th August free.

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