Deep under a housing estate in North London lies one of World War Two’s greatest secrets, the reserve Cabinet War Rooms that lay hidden and waiting just in case the (now) more famous Westminster bunkers were attacked.

Used just once for a full cabinet meeting, the reserve bunker was mothballed even before the war had ended.

And next month, you can have a look inside.

Lower level corridor in the bunker

Lower level corridor in the bunker

Secret during the war, their existence barely known about even among military historians, and only located for certain once again in the 1980s, this underground bunker is open on just 2 days per year.

The first of the two days is Thursday 9th June.

So if you want to follow in the footsteps of Churchill, and see the dank unrestored interior of a WW2 bunker built deep underneath the Neasden hills – send an email to to reserve tickets.

For convenience, say if you want morning or afternoon, or have no preference so she can even out the numbers for each tour.

Although the bunker is perfectly fine to visit, do wear good outdoorsy shoes as the floor can be mucky in places and some modestly deep puddles can appear if it’s been raining above ground the days before the tour.

Tours are free and managed by SubBrit volunteers – but a big shouty man may try to sell you a book about other bunkers in the UK, so bring a fiver with you, or just join SubBrit if you want to get into other bunkers on occasions.

Read more about the reserve cabinet war rooms on my article from a previous visit.

The power plant room

The power plant room

You can turn up without booking but you will have to wait till the next available space on a tour.

More by coincidence than design, the two Cabinet War Rooms — in Neasden and Westminster — are both close to the Jubilee Line, so why not make a day of it and visit both – then compare them?

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  1. Suge knight says:

    Hi my name is a mr suge knight and would love to put my name forward for the next tour of the paddock,many thx