Look to the skies today (19th April 2016) as a large helicopter formation is expected over London this afternoon.

A short-notice air traffic alert to other aircraft warns of a “large formation of mixed type helicopters” flying between Iver and London Bridge sometime between 2:40pm and 3:30pm.

As it happens there is currently a wide-scale air traffic warning over the entire of London at the moment.

That is probably due to a certain US President visiting the UK sometime this week. Such as probably arriving in Heathrow at lunchtime and taking a helicopter ride into central London.

So if you see the helicopters, one of them might be designated Marine One, the name given to a helicopter carrying the US President.

Probably wont fly through Tower Bridge though.

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11 comments on “Large helicopter formation over London
  1. Batb says:

    I watched London has fallen (or whatever it’s called!) recently. That was quite enough helicopters thank you.

  2. Chris says:

    It’s only marine one if the president is on board. If he isn’t it will be something else

  3. julian zentner says:

    POTUS is arriving Stansted,Thurs PM.Just normal incorrect information

  4. Kc says:

    Airforce 1 is flying in to Stanstead. Around evening time as he’s also in Saudi Arabia that day

  5. Paul Hill says:

    Just flew over Chiswick!

  6. RM says:

    3 low flying army type planes flew over Barnet this afternoon while I was on my way to my parked car. 2 side by side, another following directly behind (made such a racket).

  7. Gordon says:

    @RM, a pair of Bell Boeing Osprey tiltrotor aircraft flew over me in Harringay travelling southwest, flying in propellor mode about twice as fast as a helicopter – it was an ‘is this a movie’ moment. Shortly after, a procession of helicopters including two Sea Kings (I think) and another Osprey, this time in helicopter mode, followed the line of the Lea Valley south over Tottenham. Matches the flights of May 2011 for the Obama state visit, except those were done with Chinooks. The pres. doesn’t get to ride in the Ospreys though.

    • RM says:

      @gordon Don’t know anything about planes and helicopters but it really was a ‘is this a movie’ moment. I wanted to reach for my phone to take a picture but was so star struck,I couldn’t move.

  8. Josh says:

    I wondered what all those choppers were do flying over Brunel.

  9. LD says:

    They should make him use Easychopper & Easybus to help reduce some of that national debt they got…. like our Dave, man of the people would….

  10. Jo Bo says:

    Large helicopters are always circling over the nine elms area of London. I can see it through the window where I work. I can also see the new US embassy being built so figure the design team meetings are held in a massive chopper or an osprey and they fly over take a few pics and report the construction progress back to the architect’s office.

    Well that’s my theory. Two ospreys today and no president in town not even to visit a school in the east end.