Next weekend sees an occasional opening of the Caledonian Park Clock Tower and a chance to climb the narrow steps to the very top for amazing views across North London.


It’s a very steep and in places, slightly scary climb but the reward is impressive once you get up there.

Tours take place on Saturday 12th March, are on a first-come-first-served basis and run from 10am to 3pm. Based on previous open days, there’s usually a large display at the ground about the history of the park and the tower — and the plans to restore the tower.

Tour details here


If you don’t want to loiter around waiting for a slot to go up, then booked tours will be available on 18th June, with tickets being released on 15th May.

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One comment on “Chance to climb to the top of the Cally Park Clock Tower
  1. Michael says:

    Many thanks for highlighting this one. It’s been on my list of things to see inside for a longtime and it was a great experience. True that some of the climbs are for the more stout of heart but that was definitely part of the fun.

    There was some confusion around the bookings system that Islington council had in place for tours with people turning up and expecting to be able to climb the tower. Bhupesh, the Islington parks manager, was apologetic and explained they are trying to get a better system in place.

    A lot of people, as well as me, also mentioned your newsletter for prompting them to come along. I wanted to say thanks for the great work and add that it was Diamond Geezer who steered me in your direction.