Fancy a charming jaunt around the sights of London in a decorous style becoming of the Edwardian upper middle classes?

Then the 8th annual Tweed Run is for you — around 400 people on safety bikes, and some more dubious contraptions come together for a jolly fine day out perambulating around the city.


A spot of English tea, a picnic and a chance to show people how cycling is supposed to be done — in style, with politeness, and a notable lack of flashing lights (a davy lamp may be permitted).

The Tweed Run takes place on Saturday 14 May 2016, and tickets go on sale at noon on Monday 29th February 2016

Tickets cost  £25, which includes a £5 donation to the London Cycling Campaign.

Book tickets (when they go on sale) here.

Riders can purchase up to four tickets at a time, and although they have added more places this year, they tend to sell out VERY quickly.


This year, you can also start your morning at the Tweed Run Brunch, or reserve a Gourmet Hamper for the picnic break.

Remember chaps, more tweed, less speed!


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