One of the key highlights of the annual science entertainment calendar is making a return to Imperial College in March, with an evening comprising of an oddly eclectic mix of science, bad poetry (Really. Bad. Poetry) and a small girl walking up to people and saying “Please Stop, I’m Bored”.

If somehow you haven’t come across the Ig Nobels, then they are awarded each year for genuine scientific studies that “first make you laugh and then think”. Quite often, the topic is made even funnier by the pompous title granted to it in the formal write up.

Following an awards ceremony at Harvard, they host a touring show around the world, and for the 11th year, it will come to Imperial College London.

The show will be presented by Marc Abrahams, organiser of the Ig Nobel prizes, editor of the Annals of Improbable Research and Guardian columnist, and will feature a whole host of Ig Nobel Prize winners and other ‘improbable’ researchers.

Known guests at this time include: Helen Ashdown and colleagues; Marina de Tomasso (Ig Nobel winner – relative pain while viewing ugly paintings vs. pretty paintings); David Hu (Ig Nobel winner – most mammals urinate, on average, in 21 seconds)

The Ig Nobel Award Tour takes place on Friday, 18th March at 6pm.


You can book up to two free tickets from the Imperial College website from Monday 15 February 2016

Click here for my review of the show in 2009

You can also watch the 2009 show over at YouTube.

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