In ancient temples did crocodiles dwell, worshiped and admired, until mighty Egypt fell.

A new empire in the North, sending explorers to foreign lands, to Kom Ombo, ruined stones piled high concealing treasures beneath the sands.

Two mummies found within handed to the British Government, and one disturbed from ancient slumber, its secrets revealed.

Not seen for five and seventy years, probed by deep seeing instruments, the mummy surrendered long lost knowledge.

A last meal freshly consumed before death, untimely maybe, stones for ballast for the dead crocodiles rise and sink not.

The mummified remains were a mummy in death, for twenty baby crocodiles found sewn into the mothers wraps.

This huge crocodile, the Great Crocodile of museum catalogue naming, hidden eaons now for all to see.

At the British Museum, until late February.





Scanning Sobek is free to visit until 21st February. The gallery is next to the main entrance.

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