A new year, and a new tube map, and a curious change to how the cable car is presented.

The old tube map emphatically shows the dangleway as a connecting stop with both North Greenwich and Royal Victoria.

But no more!

The new tube map still shows the cable car, but it is now as a lonely isolated line and is no longer shown as an interchange. This more accurately reflects reality on the ground, and probably the reality that barely a handful of people have ever used it as a connection between lines.

The cable car has also lost its dagger, which used to highlight the page on the TfL website with pricing details.

jan-2016-tube-map-1The venerable Diamond Geezer has already dissected the amorphous blob that is the new Zone changes around Stratford,

The other notable change is the removing of vast numbers of daggers, from 14 down to just four, as the daggers have been rationalised to highlight serious travel disruptions, rather than general knowledge issues.

One which might make people sit up in surprise though is the note that  Bakerloo line trains will not stop at Paddington from April until early August 2016. Not seen anything about that elsewhere, and TfL’s own travel page doesn’t highlight it. Yet.

Possibly works to make it ready for the Elizabeth line, as there is an interchange tunnel between the two services that needs finishing off.

Another change is that the new map, introduced this morning, has finally stopped claiming that the night tube would launch in Autumn 2015, a claim it was making right up to last night.

jan-2016-tube-map-2And finally, in the ohh, we wonder what that means, there’s a new kink on the London Overground between Surrey Quays and Queens Road Peckham — which is obviously nothing to do with the planned Surrey Canal Road station. Nope, nothing at all, just tidying up the map a bit. Nothing to see, move along now.


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One comment on “New tube map observations
  1. Adrian says:

    Why not move Queens Road Peckham and Peckham Rye slightly to the right/down to keep the Overground as one straight line without the kinks?

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