Set your personal digital video recording devices, as the amazing Mr Blunden makes a seasonal return to television, if at a rather unseasonable hour.

51ozgUYajiLOnce a perennial favourite over Xmas, it has been mysteriously missing for many years, and until recently very difficult to buy on video, other than extortionately expensive German copies.

Set almost 100 years ago, its the magical story of a destitute family mysteriously asked to look after a dilapidated mansion house, and the appearance of two ghosts seeking help to avert a disaster in the past.

Laurence Naismith, Graham Crowden, Paul Eddington and of course, Diana Dors as the villainous sister-in-law bent on gaining a personal fortune.

As a ghost story, it has everything, a ruined mansion, the poor but goodly housewife, the adventurous children, the wicked in-laws, and of course, the mysterious figure of Mr Blunden, who is a Victorian gentlemen done to perfection.

It’s one of those rare movies of our youth that actually stands the test of time, and the ending is pure fairy-tale.

It will be on BBC2 at 7am on 5th DecemberBBC2 at 8am on 28th March, so a chance to watch it in the evening on iPlayer.

Wickens! Wickens!

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  1. george says:

    epic like!

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