An underground Victorian subway built for the Crystal Palace and long since abandoned is attempting to open up to the public once more.


Opened 150 years ago this coming Christmas, the subway created a luxurious route for 1st class railway passengers to visit the Crystal Palace. Empty since the Crystal Palace burned down, it was used as a shelter during WW2, and only rarely opened since then.

Due to the nature of the site, access is currently difficult, and the local society looking after the site has planning permission to install safe pedestrian access on the Southwark side of the subway.

That leaves the park-side entrance in its currently dilapidated state, but a state that adds to the delight of a visit. Not everything should be pristine!

The friends society has raised nearly £20,000, but needs another £10,000 to complete the works ahead of the 150th anniversary.

Fund raising donations can be made here.


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