Just a heads up that Robin Ince is hosting a series of evenings in the run up to Christmas that will attempt his usual blend of science, comedy and atheism into a single event.

The events run over 5 nights, each being based on the Dickens novella of a Christmas Carol

Tickets cost £27.50 per evening.

Ghost of Christmas Past.

15th December

A night of comedy, music and little lectures on the last 4000 years of civilisation

With Tony Law, Phill Jupitus, Natalie Haynes, Joanna Neary, Josie Long, Steve Pretty’s Origin of the Pieces orchestra and other guests yet to be named.

Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.

16th & 17th December

What did we expect the future to be when we were young and what can we now predict may be just around the corner – from the images of Mega City in Judge Dredd to the possibilities of revolutions in genetics…

Professor Steve Jones, Phill Jupitus, Professor Jon Butterworth, Joanne Neary, Ben Goldacre, Josie Long, Robin Ince, Steve Pretty’s Origin of the Pieces band and a host of guests yet to be named.

The Ghost of Christmas Present.

20th & 21st December

A night of comedy and nonsense about the last 50 years of human imagination.

Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Joanna Neary, Ben Goldacre, Steve Pretty’s Origin of the Pieces orchestra, Robin Ince.

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  1. DebF says:

    Any idea who is selling the tickets, or when they go on sale?

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