Later this month, a small miniature railway will be installed running along the top of a shop in Camden.


Not that you would know about it if you read the information put out by the organisers of the London Design Festival, who describe the event thus:

Collective invites artists and designers to produce temporary installations for the roof tops of Camden High Street. We explore the creative possibility of these vacant upper corridors and offer an alternative perspective, taking inspiration from New York’s regeneration project, ‘The High Line’.

From that we are expected to deduce that something potentially interesting is about to happen. Something that I might write about, and you might want to see. Erm?

The organisers say that…

Viewers will be taken on a journey between the physical and fantastic and across themes of play, travel and new encounters.

Which isn’t really much help either.

Fortunately, Camden New Journal have a bit more information, and helpfully translated the marketing waffle into something approaching English.

A miniature rail line is to be installed high above the shops in Camden Town as part of a design festival. The High Street High Line will run for 10 days on top of No 26 Camden High Street next month, with images from an on-board webcam being beamed to a screen at ground level.

Anyway, if you want to see a small railway in Camden, then head over to 26 Camden High Street between 13th-21st September.

Hopefully there wont be any leaves on the line.

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2 comments on “Camden to get a miniature railway
  1. annies says:

    That’s the Mornington Crescent station area by the look of the photo, isn’t it?

  2. Plinky Plonk says:

    Leaves on the line… love it! Ha! ha! As it’s quite near will have a mosey down to Camden Town.

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