If you pay a visit to the Museum of London over the next few weeks, you will see — for it is impossible to avoid — a large white “thing” by the front door.

The thing is a sort of cubicle with a staircase inside so you can play being the king of the castle once more.


It also however is a House of Muses and you are encouraged to empty your brain onto little paper tags and hang them up inside the thing and let others digest your opinions.


We are told that the design of the structure, designed by London-Zurich-based collective GRUPPE is conceived to invite visitors to think about what a museum could and should be and has been conceived as a pillar from an imaginary monument, which sort of works, if you squint.

As it has a staircase inside though, the imaginary monument is almost certainly THE monument, or maybe if you are wishful, the Duke of York’s column — both of which have staircases within.



Of course, the moment you ask the public to express an opinion, you will get opinions. Lots of them. Mostly weird. Maybe you can find a hidden gem of an idea in here, or conceal one yourself?

In the meantime, climb the stairs and play king of the castle until the 21st September.

But not in the evenings. The doors are lockable, as the muses need protecting.


Empty your brain here please.


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