A brief note that the UK’s largest particle accelerator is having a couple of open days next month.

The Diamond Light Source is a large particle accelerator that makes use of what was once thought to be a bit of a nuisance byproduct for particle researchers, but is actually very useful indeed.

It is essentially a massive microscope — housed in an equally massive doughnut shaped building just outside Didcot.


Big science! My review of a visit is here.

The tours take place on occasional down times when maintenance is under way, as the facility is usually fully booked for use, both for scientific research and also commercial users.

Normally, you have to apply by email, but they are making it easier this time — a simple website manages the effort.

The tours are on the weekend of the 14/15th June and are free of charge. A local bus service runs between Didcot railway station and the research facility.

It’s worth a visit.


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2 comments on “Open weekend at the UK’s largest Particle Accelerator
  1. George Ryall says:

    Don’t forget the open day to Rutherford Appleton Lab next door (also featuring a particle accelerator).
    (full disclosure: I work there, but they’re not paying me to write this)

  2. Jon Allen says:

    I hope Diamond Geezer is going..

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