Peeking out above the shops and offices just to the North of Oxford Street can be found one of the great hidden marvels of English church building.


Just behind the old HMV store, is All Saint’s Margaret Street, which has recently been given a clean and refurbishment.

I first visited 7 years ago (yikes!) and took some photos in the dirty gloaming within at a time when it was so dark that to take any decent photos needed a tripod and a decent camera.


Since then, the dirt of ages has been swept away and the glorious Victorian decoration hidden beneath revealed once more.


I took a few photos recently on one of my visits to the area, as I use it as a pleasant stop for a few moments rest and relaxation.


As a respite from the hustle and bustle of busy Oxford Street, it is one of my favourite churches to just pop in, sit down and relax for a few minutes. I’ve never found the doors locked, and even if they were, there is a modest little courtyard to sit in instead.

As a building, and as a place, it is such a wonderful little pocket of calm, and such a wonderfully decorated one.





Nearest railway stations

  1. Oxford Circus
  2. Goodge Street
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One comment on “The wonderfully restored interior of All Saint’s Margaret Street
  1. OlracUK says:

    Definitely a beautiful and peaceful place. I dropped in just after Christmas and was really taken with it. A lot of thought has gone into the update – lighting especially.

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