A rather fun exhibition has opened inside London’s Transport Museum where artists have taken curiosities of London as their theme for a possible future poster design

As the curiosities were the only theme restriction, this is a wide ranging display of art work styles, sizes and schemes.

From somewhat scribbled works to very detailed, it is almost less the technique chosen than how the curiosity has been interpreted that is interesting here.

Any London geek will recognise many of the quirky stories, and some of them are very famous, such as the Ravens at the Tower of London, London Bells or the Red Bus jumping Tower Bridge.

Less well known will be the story of the munitions factory inside the Central Line tunnels during WW2, which is delightfully illustrated by a Spitfire flying down a tube tunnel.

The sight of HM Queen departing a tube train to an escort of soldiers is a hint of the rumoured Buckingham Palace tube station, is funny and the block colour scheme works well with the caricatures chosen.


One of the legends shown was one that I didn’t know about — that the lions of Trafalgar Square would come to life if Big Ben ever strikes 13. I wonder how that story started?

Has it ever been tested — in the name of science of course?


The exhibition is the result of the annual Serco Prize For Illustration and while previous years have delivered a worthy display, it’s the fun in this year’s display that makes it probably more enjoyable to visit.

Art is always best when it raises a smile.

The exhibition opens tonight (late night opening) and runs until April 6th.

Entry to the museum — and exhibition — is £15, which includes unlimited repeat visits for a year.

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