What is described as the “official” collection of original James Bond vehicles is set to open an exhibition in London at the end of March.

Situated inside the London Film Museum’s little known Covent Garden outpost, their website has in fact been replaced with just the bond stuff, which may indicate that the rest of the memorabilia was packed off when the Film Museum’s south-bank venue closed.

That aside, the exhibition is set to feature 50 of the full size vehicles, either original cars or the mock-ups used in the stunts.


Cars such as the underwater capable Lotus Esprit will be on display along with Goldfinger’s Rolls Royce Phantom III, and the Aston Martin Vanquish V12 from Die Another Day.

Much is being made of the appearance of an Aston Martin — although it’s the one driven by Pierce Brosnan rather than the more famous one driven by Sean Connery.

The Mustang Mach 1 from Diamonds are Forever is there, although maybe not with the quick editing needed when they realised it entered an alleyway on one set of wheels, and came out on a different set.

The moon buggy will also be on display.

Otherwise, expect to see the autogyro (it’s not a helicopter) from You Only Live Twice — and that is timely, as the person who flew it in the film was a noted engineer, and there is a film about him being shown in at the Building Centre in a couple of weeks.


The cars are almost as significant a part of the film oeuvre as the title song and the gadgets. For a British car to appear in the film is publicity heaven, and the controversy when Bond drives a German car, got as much publicity for BMW.

Even for the likes of myself, who are not a huge car fanatic, this should be a nostalgia fest of old bond movies.

Although, with a £14.50 entry charge, you need to be a BIG fan of the films.

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