Another of those “raise money and do something scary” events — a chance to abseil down the outside of a tall tower block on the edge of the City of London.

Broadgate Tower, at 550 feet, is also said to be the highest abseilable building in London — if you ignore the people who went over the top of the Shard that is.

Being on the edge of the city also means that the view is somewhat less encumbered by other tall buildings, so the view is more expansive, if also therefore maybe a bit more challenging.

The view from half way up, on the inside.

The view from half way up, on the inside.

The tower also sits on top of the main railway line into Liverpool Street station, so depending on which side they decide to use, you might be able to sate a bit of train geekery and claim to have abseiled over a railway line.

I had the pleasure of a look around the inside a couple of years ago. The view from the roof will doubtless be more spectacular, and not have any glass in the way.


Registration costs £30 and there is a commitment to raise at least £195 for the St Mungo’s homeless charity.

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