Some posters advertising — or warning — about the fares rise have been going up (like the fares) around the transport network over the past week or so.

Bright, colourful, eye catching.

But hold on, the only thing I am thinking now is… Are those models for sale?


Sadly, the artist who designed them, Chris Labrooy seems to be more of a computer generated 3D graphics artist than a physical modeller.

But, I still bet that a tube train with the letters of lines or stations wrapped around it would be popular.

Rather cleverly, or accidentally, the letters also seem to reflect the style of the vehicle they are on. The DLR looks angular and with sharp edges, like the trains, while the tube seems all curves, like the train.

Amusingly, the “new bus for London”, has the word “new” on it. A deliberate play on names?

They even got the tracks designed correctly for the different forms of transport — lest no doubt there be howls of protest from the transport fanatics.


On his website, the artist says that he was “commissioned by Transport for London to create a poster illustration for their new fares campaign. The poster features all of the various transport services on the network manipulated into dimensional typography. This was created with MC Saatchi in London. Art direction by Will Bates, project management Laura Pearson and agent Debut art London.”


Photos via Chris Labrooy

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2 comments on “Huge text wrapped around a tube train, etc
  1. Marc says:

    A mini howl of protest from a transport professional – the Underground roundel is in completely the wrong place on the Jubilee/Northern train.

    • IanVisits says:

      It also has the word “January” wrapped all the way around the body of the train — you don’t see that on a real one either.