A date for your diaries, albeit likely to be a very busy day as the Museum of London is having one of its occasional “pay what you can” days for its major exhibitions.

The Cheapside Hoard, is as I have written before, an unparalleled collection of Elizabethan and and Stuart period jewelry that hasn’t been seen in its entirety for a  100 years.

Tickets are normally £10 per adult (or free for Museum Members), but if you phone them on 020 7001 9844 to book tickets for Sat 25 Jan*, you can “offer however much you like for your tickets”.

Of course, if you’re feeling generous and rich, you could offer to pay more than the usual ten pound note.

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Note — if you arrive with a bag, it’ll cost you an extra pound to leave it in a locker, as they wont permit any bags into the exhibition. Well, it is full of very small, and very valuable objects.

Related — if you prefer, there is a late night opening until 9pm on the 10th January.

*The email said Sat 26th Jan, but that’s a Sunday, and they have always been on Saturdays in the past.

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