Why is the Thames Super Sewer subject to a National Security Notice?

This’ll spark the conspiracy theories — as it turns out that part of the planned “super sewer” under the River Thames could be subject to an issue affecting National Security.

One of those dull notices that I find so fascinating appeared in yesterday’s Evening Standard and in that dull bureaucratic way noted that an application was being made under Section 95A of the Planning Act 2008.

That particular clause lets the government ensure that comments about a planning application be held in private where the disclosure of information could affect defence or national security.

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Ohhh I hear you say! Why would a large sewer running deep (very deep) under the Thames affect National Security?

Is there a secret base under the Thames?

Were the rumors about the Papists correct?

Well, sadly, I am going to make a guess as dull as the notice itself.

The section of the super sewer in question (pages 48-50) involves diversionary works of existing sewers next to Vauxhall (page 2) and the partial demolition of the existing river wall in that area.

Well, considering that a certain spy agency has a rather large and visible office right on the riverbank at Vauxhall it doesn’t take much to conclude that the likelihood is that the spooks have some concerns about a load of builders clambering over their river frontage.

As with most thinks affecting spies, they just like to keep their conversations private, hence the notice triggering Section 95A of the planning laws.

Unless there really is a secret tunnel between MI6 and Westminster?

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3 comments on “Why is the Thames Super Sewer subject to a National Security Notice?
  1. Richard Ash says:

    At least the plans are in the open and they are only seeking to restrict the hearing – when they really want to screw the neighbours over, the plans are deemed too sensitive to be made public, so the first thing the neighbours know is when the structure goes up past their windows …

  2. P says:

    There’s also a large mi6 office on the northern side of the river too (cream coloured building, just behind the new apt block being built directly opp MI6). I wonder if they have a tunnel for communications cables, etc. Could also be related to parliament where it also passes?

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