The Tweed Run Returns to London

One of my favourite events to watch – and maybe one year participate in – has opened for today.

Now it its fifth year, the Tweed Run is a mass cycle ride through central London in a more genteel manner than the lycra-clad speeders who usually ply the streets of our city.

Cycles range from Penny Farthings to single-gear antiques and even modern cycles are allowed in, so long as the dress sense of the participant adheres to the requirement for gentility and decorum.

Due to growing demand for the limited spaces, the organizers are implementing a lottery system for spaces on the 2013 Tweed Run. The lottery will allow hopefuls to request up to two places on the ride. Lottery registration opens today and the draw for spaces will happen on 16th March.

The Tweed Run itself takes place on the 13th April 2013.

My review from 2010 is here.

I’ll apply this year, although I might be limited to a Boris Bike if I participate. It’s not as if I can’t pull off the mad-englishman look when overseas with the bikes – although to be honest, that is my normal attire when cycling around London during the summer months anyway. I’ll dust off the Tweed for this event.


Boris Bikes in Paris – Photo by Tom Tired of London, Tired of Life

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One comment on “The Tweed Run Returns to London
  1. Chak says:

    I wish we had more pottering cycling here. As a speeder, I sometimes crave an upright back looking left and right as I pedal alone, not for an incoming pothole. Sigh

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