Book tickets to see inside a future Crossrail Station

One of the more locally at least controversial of the Crossrail stations is being built out in Woolwich and they have now finished the main building phase of the station box.

So it will be opened up to the public later this month to have a look inside.

It’s controversial as the housing company developing the local Woolwich Arsenal paid for and constructed the station box, but there still isn’t a funding agreement to turn it into a functioning station.

Obviously, everyone wants to fit it out with the necessary so that trains don’t just zoom straight through without stopping – but the powers that be are still haggling over who picks up the bill.

Anyway, there is a chance to stand inside what will be either a future Crossrail station, or a very large empty concrete box on the 27th February, which is frustratingly, a Wednesday – but I guess we can’t have everything in life.

The event is open to all but spaces are limited so register as soon as possible. For more information and to request tickets – email your details to

Woolwich Crossrail Station

I took a look at the station box last year when it was still being dug out of the ground – my blog post about that is here.

The tunnel boring machines should arrive in the box in a few months time – as the first of them set off from Plumstead last month.

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