An Edwardian Advent Calendar – 24th Dec

Each day I will unveil a new entry in my Advent calendar based on adverts printed in the Illustrated London News during the month of December exactly 100 years ago – in 1912, the Edwardian era.

Each day I will display an advert from my collection of the newspapers for your delight.


Advent Calendar

1stCrawfords Assorted Shortbread
2ndThe Gramophone Company
3rdFoot’s Bath Cabinet
4thFoot’s Adjustable Rest-Chair
5thWolsey Underwear
6thHorlick’s Malted Milk
7thAn Edwardian Cable Car!
8thColgate’s Ribbon Dental Cream
9thDoan’s Backache Kidney Pills for Renal Troubles
11thScubb’s Ammonia
12thMantinee Hand-Made Turkish Cigarettes
13thOrchestrelle’s Music-Rolls
15thA Motion Photograph of Yourself
17thParis Garters
18thAllenbury’s Glycerine and Black Currant Pastilles
20thSan Sebastian Spain (Just 11 hours from Paris!)
21stDoan’s Backache Kidney Pills
22ndJewsbury & Brown’s Oriental Tooth Powder
23rdCherry Blossom Boot Polish
24thDunville’s VR Whisky
25thBlo Electric Hot and Cold Air Douche

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