Now that the Olympic Park is closed and being converted into another park – Queen Liz’s ‘lympic park, it is starting to resemble a building site again.

As someone who generally prefers to see things while they are under construction, rather than the polished end product, this might appeal, as they are to start running free bus tours of the site during the conversion phase.

Bus tours of the building site before the Olympics were hugely popular, if you managed to get one, even if there was no stopping, and all photography had to be through a usually dirty window.

The tours will run on Wednesdays, Thursdays and some weekends. There will be three tours a day during the winter months and in the spring and as the days get longer, a fourth tour will be added. People living closest to the Park will be given priority when booking tours.

The tours will begin on 21st November and run until the Park begins to open in July 2013. There are approximately 11,000 places on the tours, and 700 have already gone to early birds.

People interested in booking a tour should contact [email protected] or call 0800 023 2030.

The green Olympic Park

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