If you are going to have a fireworks display on the river you might want to check that the timing doesn’t clash with someone else doing exactly the same thing a couple of hundred yards up the river.

Yet this coming Sunday evening (9th Sept), there will be two firework displays on the Thames at the same time.

One is easy to know about as it is the conclusion of the Thames Festival held in September every year and the fireworks will be blasted into the air from barges based opposite the OXO Tower.

That is a 10 minute display at 10:30pm.

Then a notice arrives warning of another firework display, also at 10:30pm on Sunday evening – although I have a sneaking feeling it might be a better one to watch if you are keen on photography.

This is a shorter 3-minute display, also from barges in the river – but they will be based close to Tower Bridge on the City of London side, so you should be able to get fireworks and Tower Bridge together.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what that smaller display is – coinciding as it does with the Paralympics closing ceremony.

If they are small fireworks, then close up will be best, but if they are big fireworks going high up into the sky, then further away from the bridge would be better. Sorry, not sure which it is though.

Of course, if you can get the right vantage point, maybe you can have both firework displays together in the background of Tower Bridge!

It probably wont be like the Opening Ceremony though – alas!

Tower Bridge fireworks - rehearsal for the Olympics opening ceremony

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