A “Grand Tour” to say goodbye to London Underground’s oldest trains

To mark the end of the 50 year service of the old Metropolitan Line trains, a grand tour has been arranged to give them a bit of a send-off before the last of them depart to the scrapyard.

It’s probably not the very final chance to catch one of the old A-Stock trains though, as the very final date for that hasn’t been confirmed yet. This is more of a send-off for the trains with plans to visit every single station along the Met Line.

Sadly, doesn’t seem to be including the East London Line, which was for a time served by the same trains – although that is doubtless due to the fact that they can’t use the tracks down there any more.

Still, would be nice to see something done there as well.

The rail tour itself will be on the 29th Sept, and will from Moorgate at 09:55am to all Metropolitan line stations, finishing at Wembley Park station at 4pm There will be a retail stand at Amersham Station, where the Museum will be selling a selection of A Stock memorabilia and other related retail items.

Ticket Price: Adults £40; Children aged 11-16 £15

Tickets will go on sale from Monday 3 September.

All proceeds from the trip go to the Railway Children charity. Passengers will also able to buy a raffle ticket, which will enter them into the prize draw for the special headboard, which has been created for this run.

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7 comments on “A “Grand Tour” to say goodbye to London Underground’s oldest trains
  1. Simon says:

    Thanks, Ian. Are these the ones that are being replaced by the new C7 stock, or am I getting confused?

  2. Richard says:

    What about Aldgate? If it starts at Moorgate will it reverse before heading back down the line?

  3. Robert says:

    So sad to see these trains go, I grew up riding them into town from the suburbs.

    I remember their old 1960s interiors (before they were refurbished in the 1990s); they had red walls at each end (with no windows; they were knocked through later) and the seats were a striped red, grey and black pattern.

    Also remember the instrument panels by the rear doors which were used in the days when tube trains had a guard!

  4. RoRo says:

    the S-Stock look great!!!

    They should replace the Bakerloo line trains with the old Metropolitan ones, as the Bakerloo are the most hideous and uncomfortable in the whole underground…(sorry a bit off topic) :)

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