The recently restored Epping Ongar railway in North-East London, while running steam trains from Ongar, doesn’t actually go to Epping. Although it used to – and has just announced that it is one stage closer to resuming services along the entire line.

The train tracks actually run from Epping Station to Ongar, but the heritage line was limited to running steam trains from North Weald to Ongar.

They do however shuttle a diesel locomotive along the disused track part of the way back to Epping – and from this weekend, they can get much closer.

While previously only used by engineering trains, this is the first time since 1994 that regular passenger trains have passed along this stretch of the line – and the train will now stop a tantalising 1,000 metres short of Epping tube station.

Steam Train running along the Epping Ongar Railway

When they reopened the line a couple of months ago they said an eventual link to Epping is wanted.

Having got most of the way down the line, they are now looking to raise the funds to secure the final stretch and build an extra platform at the end of Epping station.

If completed, you may be able to step off a tube train and straight onto a steam train.

Which should do wonders for their visitor numbers.

The end of the line at Epping


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  1. Michael J says:

    There’s going to be a 500m walk between the tube and the E&OR station – you’ll have to leave the tube station and walk up the road to reach it, so not quite stepping straight off the tube onto a steam train.

    • IanVisits says:

      The EOR’s own statement suggests they want to build a platform at Epping Station itself.

  2. Michael J says:

    Not quite – the statement is a bit vague, but still matches their previous ones. They are unable to stop actually at Epping station itself, it will be a short way away (the location shown in the photograph in that article).

    “Epping Ongar Railway is now extending an open invitation to stakeholders to join together to progress the provision of an additional platform at Epping for their trains to serve,”

    “at Epping”, not “at Epping Underground station”

    • IanVisits says:

      Equally though they said in that same statement: “Our attentions will now focus on this final kilometre, and we remain committed to our goal of once again operating regular train services to connect with London Underground at Epping station”.

      That seems fairly unambiguous to me – they are stopping 1km short at the moment, they want to fill in the missing bit and they want to open a platform at Epping Station.

  3. DJC0207 says:

    After visiting and speaking to some employees on the EOR itself, it would seem the plan is to build directly next to the LU station at Epping!

    This does make sense and would be considerably cheaper than building it further away, as the access to the station already exists. The line past Epping is in a fairly deep cutting and has very limited road access.

    Let’s hope the connection is made sooner than later!

  4. Ron Butcher says:

    Great news now living in Basingstoke I had no idea that the project existed
    That area was a favourite of mine in my younger years including the old and
    beautiful “Wake Arms”
    But, is there an organised body that will accept contributions to this undertaking

    • IanVisits says:

      I am bit confused – by organisation, do you mean the Epping Ongar Railway, which self-evidently exists. Or do you mean something else?

  5. Ron Butcher says:

    So sorry for the confusion I caused, what I really meant by “Organised” was
    an arrangement for financial contributions by the public or rail enthusiasts
    to help any progress, for instance the extra platform.


    • IanVisits says:

      You really would be better off just contacting the railway and asking them – they are the experts on their procedures.

  6. Ian says:

    Has there been any more news about the extension to Epping

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