HMS Ocean will be arriving in London this evening — an event I expect to photograph, of course — and will be based at Greenwich for the Olympics as part of the ongoing militarisation of sporting events.

However, the general public will also be allowed to go on board this coming Sunday to have a look around and touch the grey steel leviathan.

The ship will be open to visitors from 10am to 3pm, with free boat transfers from Greenwich Pier. Access to the boat transfer area is via the Old Royal Naval College Grounds, where there will also be a bag search point.

There will not be any left luggage (including buggies) facility offered, so leave the little ones elsewhere. As usual for a ship of this sort, it’s not exactly disabled friendly, so you need to be able to climb steep stairs.

The ship was open for visits by locals when she visited a couple of months ago, but this time it seems that everyone is invited. Well, those who can fit on board during the opening hours.

The ship arrival this evening is understood to be: Passing through the Thames Barrier at 8pm, O2 at 8:15 then arriving at Greeenwich at 9pm. The extended delay suggests they might spin the ship around in the wider river between the O2 and Greenwich.

HMS Ocean at Greenwich in May – photo from the MoD

I might go on board – as I did enjoy the look around HMS Illustrious a few years back.

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