Tickets for the Last Night of the Proms to go on sale this Friday

Tickets to be inside the Royal Albert Hall for the Last Night of the Proms are highly sought after and quite difficult to get.

Although there is a limited ballot for everyone to enter, normally, to get inside the Hall on the night you have to enter the main ballot for tickets, which is open to people who book tickets at least five other performances during the season.

If you followed my earlier instructions on how to enter the Open Ballot, and were successful, then you should find out by this Thursday.

However, despite their desirability and limited supply, some seats will still be unsold – and those tickets go on sale this coming Friday (6th July).

Based on previous years, the tickets will be offered from 9am, although that isn’t confirmed yet.

The ticket website has a queue waiting system, and my personal trick is to log in early and keep clicking on things every minute or so to stay logged in, until the tickets are made available. Otherwise you might find they are all gone by the time you get through the queue.

Good Luck!

If, as is likely, you (and I) fail to secure tickets, then “standing tickets” are usually still available on the Last Night itself, priced at a piddling £5 (one per person). Just join the queue on the South Steps, east side, or the top of Bremner Road, right side and you might be lucky, or sent home empty handed.

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One comment on “Tickets for the Last Night of the Proms to go on sale this Friday
  1. Jens says:


    I was not very lucky, so I’m looking for 2 tickets…

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