Birds nesting at Canary Wharf

One of the aspects of London’s Docklands that has often been applauded over the years by suitably concerned organisations is the placement of floating rafts in the docks for birds to nest one.

Often nothing more than a wooden raft with a bit of gravel and some plants, they serve their purpose well enough.

Last year though, luxury arrived near Heron’s Quay (map link) when some vast floating reed type beds were installed – although right next to what is about to become a huge building site.

The birds seem to have taken to them quite happily though, and there are four – or maybe, five, nests on the floating beds.

Birds nesting at Canary Wharf

This morning as I was passing by, one of the birds got off its nest to do some tidying up, so it was possible to see that luck not withstanding, there may be four baby of whatever that bird is swimming around the docks shortly.

Collective awwww!

Another bird seemed to have taken its cue from the local skyscrapers, and had built its own tall tower to nest on.

Birds nesting at Canary Wharf

I notice people stopping to feed the birds at times, although it is usually bread, which is actually not that good for them. I was told by a city farm last year that grapes make a suitable substitute.

Birds nesting at Canary Wharf

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3 comments on “Birds nesting at Canary Wharf
  1. Stephen says:

    Those would be Great Crested Grebes.

  2. Deptford Dame says:

    The one in the middle picture is a Coot. You can also spot birds like these nesting on Greenland Dock and the other waterways around Rotherhithe and Surrey Quays.

  3. James says:

    While watching the marathon there, we heard a couple of screams from women, turning round, we saw a seagull pluck up a Moorhen (I think) chick from the water then repeatedly bash it against the concrete raft. The chick parent’s went mental, squawking at each and the four remaining chicks.

    Who needs Planet Earth?

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