Prom season is starting again and it’s already time to dust off the envelope and postage stamp in order to apply for tickets to attend the Last Night of the Proms.

The tickets are allocated in two separate ballots.

The largest ballot is reserved for people who attend the Proms — which is perfectly understandable — and if you buy tickets to at least five performances, then you can opt into the ballot, which is for about 3,700 seats.

Just remember to tick the necessary box when buying tickets – which go on sale at 9am on Sat 12th May.

(NB, to avoid the holding queue that builds up on the booking website – log in early and keep clicking on things to stay logged in until 9am)

The other option though is for the Open Ballot, which reserves 100 Centre Stalls seats (£82.50 each) and 100 Front Circle seats (£55.00 each) for everyone to apply for.

There is an application form to fill in and that is now available on their website – and just as in the main ballot, you are limited to 2 tickets per household.

Apply for everything frankly – as unlike the Olympics, you are not committed to buying everything you apply for if your name comes up in the ballot.

Finally, any left over tickets, usually including some in the cheaper seats will go on public sale on Friday 6th July (I’ll flag that up closer to the date). If all else fails, then some standing tickets are usually still available on the Last Night itself.

I haven’t been to the Last Night yet, and have a personal rule that as it is such a wonderous event, I’ll wait until a year where I can be sure of really good seats. Then lap it all up!

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3 comments on “How to get tickets to the Last Night of the Proms
  1. ann mcdonald says:

    Love watching last night at the proms so proud to be british .would like to get information on ticket sales for next year please

  2. jane goff says:

    Please send info ref last night tickets thanks.