A notice for mariners to look out for high speed boats whizzing up and down the river, and a very big Royal Navy ship has been distributed.

The notice warns that security exercises that will take place along the Thames from Chelsea Bridge to the Estuary over the period 8th May from 8am until 10th May at 6pm.

During this period there will be activity involving Royal Marine vessels, HMS Ocean and Royal Navy helicopters. They will be focused against a variety of target vessels – that will indicate participation by displaying a green flag.

Although the word “Olympic” is not mentioned once, the presence of HMS Ocean and previous security trials leaves no ambiguity about its purpose.

Two high speed exercises are also planned above Tower Bridge when flashing blue lights will be exhibited on the 9th and 10th May between 5am-6am.

I know it’s all happening to prevent bad things from taking place, but I can’t help but be just a tiny bit excited by the prospect of high-speed chases up and down the river in a couple of weeks.

Press photo from the MoD's training exercise in January

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