Cable Car Rising

Just a few photos taken on Sunday as the Pylon for the Cable Cars continues to rise upwards. The south side pylon had a lot of activity around it, suggesting that they are preparing the concrete base for the first of the white steel units to be bolted into place.

South pylon underway

On the north side, what will become the tallest of the pylons is starting to rise up at last, and you can just see another unit sitting next to it waiting to be lifted up.

Tow north side cable car pylons

A few units under construction next to the south pylon – behind wooden hoardings that can just about be peered over from a local vantage point. A formerly convenient hole in a fence has been obscured by a pile of soil. Meh!

Components behind a hording.

As noted earlier, the works to string the cables between the completed pylons is scheduled to take place over the weekend of the 10th and 11th March 2012.

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