As the south pylon on the Greenwich side of the river starts rising this week, a few photos of the construction site taken today.

South terminus

Not sure, but that looks like a cable car pod under the wraps – just white instead of the expected sponsor’s red. Maybe a test unit?

Is that a white pod under wraps?

The area has been dominated for the past couple of weeks by a massive crane, so it was a good chance to get up close and see what it is like at ground level.

Big crane

Big Crane

I was rather surprised to see the other end of the giant crane structure. Just a set of very large wheels. I presume the brakes on those are very good.

Base on the crane - on wheels

I hope the brakes work

Sitting behind the fencing, two pre-constructed plyon units waiting to be hoisted over to the foundations that are waiting for them in the river.

Parts of the south pylon waiting to be installed

Future south pylon site

From the south side, you can easily see one of the northern pylons, and in the centre of the photo below, you can make out the northern river pylon just starting to rise from its concrete foundation box.

Two pylons

It only took a few days for the first pylon to reach full height, so expect some dramatic skyline changes by next weekend.

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2 comments on “Updated photos from the Cable Car construction site
  1. Groovy crane, never seen one like that before!

  2. Chris M says:

    @Deptford Dame: When I first saw the crane, from the UEL Docklands campus, I thought it was a tower crane that had toppled over!

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