Just a few photos of the huge new Cycle Hire stands right outside Canary Wharf’s Jubilee Line station. Considering how many people use the area as a meeting place and sit on the high wall beside the bike stand, I am actually quite surprised it ended up here.

I would have expected them to put it around the north side of the station where there is wide and little used pathway, or on Bank Street.

The bikes are due to arrive next month and personally I am looking forward to replacing my regular walk around the Isle of Dogs with cycle rides – as I can cycle to the shops instead of walking, and use the time saved to cycle back the long way so doubling my mileage.

Boris Bike Stands at Canary Wharf

Boris Bike Stands at Canary Wharf

They are still suggesting you can walk across the river though. Sigh.

Still ignoring the river on the walking distance indicator

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4 comments on “New Boris Bike stands at Canary Wharf
  1. katrien says:

    And why is south at the top?

  2. Edgemaster says:

    They were installing them when I arrived about half 9, by half one they were all in place. Surprisingly rapid installation!

  3. To be fair, the statement about the river almost came true this past week!