A Victorian Advent Calendar – Christmas Day

Last one!

Considering the regular complaints about the commercialisation of the modern Christmas, I decided to have my own Advent Calendar this month – made from adverts that were printed in Victorian newspapers.

Each day I will display an advert from my collection of the Illustrated London News (click on image for a larger version).

It Cures Hysteria!

More about Harness’ Electropathic Belts.

Advent Calendar

1stSozodont Toothpaste1892
2ndFashions for the Season1885
3rdVigor’s Horse Action Saddle1896
4thBenger’s Self-Digestive Food1885
5thThe Louis Velveteen1885
6thCambric Pocket Handkerchiefs1885
8thStandard Domestic Ammonia1892
9thSwanbill Corsets1883
10thThe Faulkner Diamond1884
11thNubian Blacking1893
12thBertelli’s Catramin Pills1891
13thCarter Literary Machine/Invalid Comforts1899
14thUnited Kingdom Tea Company1891
15thClarke’s Food Warmers1895
16thEno’s Fruit Salt1891
17thCockle’s Anti Bilious Pills1895
19thDr Scott’s Electric Hair Brush1882
20thMaythorn and Son at Biggleswade1897
21stVinolia Soap1891
22ndEmerson’s Bromo-Seltzer1895
23rdMonkey Brand1898
24thBeecham’s Pills1891
25thHarness’ Electropathic Safety Belt1891


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One comment on “A Victorian Advent Calendar – Christmas Day
  1. These have been great fun. Thanks for having the idea, the ILN and the time to run these. A delight – every one!

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