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Fellow London blogger, Tom of the TiredofLondon website has gotten himself a book deal – and the book will go on sale next month – although a limited number are available pre-xmas at the Museum of London.

Following the style of his blog, this printed version is a calendar of things to do, one per day, for all 366 days of a leap year. The Freud museum drew the short straw and is only recommended every fourth year.

Unlike many blog-to-book ventures, most of the entries are new and haven’t been published in the blog before. Also, following the blog style, the entries are brief and to the point, along with address and local transport option added.

Some of them might be time specific though – and I wonder how long the View Tube next to the Olympic Park (visit on the 13th March) will last for example, or whether some of the book stores mentioned will survive much longer.

Then again, that could be the excuse for an updated release in a few years time.

There are some nice drawings in the book to lighten an otherwise text heavy tome and the layout does lend itself to casual browsing. It’s not really a book to sit down and read from cover to cover.

The main downside from my perspective is that as a book listing one thing to do each day, it is driven by its calendar nature, whereas I am more geographic in my outlook and would have liked an index at the back listing things to do by location/borough as well.

Otherwise, anyone who has read the blog will probably like the book, and it is definitely a gift idea for those who do not regularly read blogs.

On sale now at the Museum of London, and on general release from 5th Jan 2012.

Whats's on in London: today or tomorrow or this weekend

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3 comments on “One thing a day to do in London
  1. Elaine says:

    What a lovely idea! (They also say tired of live music – tired of life – I say it depends on who’s singing!) ;)

    I know you mentioned to location of things. Don’t want to spam -a -lot you, but you can do a postcode search on here and have a look at what’s nearby by a few miles or so. Most of the stuff is climbing…. and outdoors stuff- but might be worth a look?

    Thanks for the blog and i’m off to check out Tired of London’s site now. xxx

  2. What a great idea! There are so many brilliant things to do in London and it would be near impossible to get round half of them without a guide of the best!
    Sophie Hobson, deputy editor, LondonlovesBusiness

  3. Big congrats to Tom! (Running off to order a copy.)

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