Watch some steam trains in London on Saturday

It’s the last of the big steam train runs though London tomorrow (Saturday) with two trains at lunchtime, one at an uncomfortably early hour in the morning, and all three returning in the late afternoon/evening.

First up is the Christmas White Rose, which will be pulled by the visually stunning 60019 Bittern locomotive. That leaves Kings Cross at 7:15am, going via Alexandra Palace outwards Potters Bar – and returns in the evening, arriving back at Kings Cross at 10:15pm.

The Orient Express, pulled by the 35028 Clan Line, leaves Victoria Station at 12:25 and then heads out towards Staines – but not totally sure of the route, and returns at 4:10pm.

Finally, the Cathedrals Express will be pulled by the UK’s youngest steam train, the 60163 Tornado runs though London, coming in via the South East, and running around via Brixton and Kensington at 9-10am and returning again in the evening at 8-9pm.

As usual, the sort of thing that steam train fans enjoy – and kids love.

The map below makes an educated guess for the Victoria-Staines route.

The other two services should be as shown.

View Steam Trains on 17th December 2011 in a larger map

35028 Clan Line passing through Sth London

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One comment on “Watch some steam trains in London on Saturday
  1. Al says:

    “the Cathedrals Express will be pulled by the UK’s youngest steam train…” pulled by a steam *engine* i think you mean!

    As ever, cheers for the tip off tho! Hopefully will up early enough for King’s Cross.

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