Updated photos of the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station

Although I did once go down underground into the station, here are a few photos I took over the weekend of the visible part of the building works, with reasonably close comparisons with previous photos I took. Difficult to get exact comparisons, partly as I forget the exact spot I stood at each time, and also because they have erected wire fencing along the best vantage spots.

I presume local office workers were knocking coffees and ciggies over the balcony when on a break and they had to put up fencing. Grrr!

March 2011December 2011
Waste soil removalFrom next to Poplar Station
Along the main lengthFrom the road bridge
Side entrance towards Canada Sq TowerSide exit to Canada Sq Tower


Also worth noting is the extract from a poster they have put up – which shows the steel rings being attached to the ends of the station wall. These rings were on the surface in May when I last visited the site, but are now in place, and ready to receive the tunnel boring machine when it arrives next year.

Part of a poster showing the tunnel boring machine entry points

When I was there, all they had was a paint mark on the wall.

Teaser - deep underground in the Crossrail Station at Canary Wharf

Photos from March 2011May 2011 and Dec 2011.

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Finally, the TBM that will be doing the tunnelling was shown off last week – more here.

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