London Underground Moquette at Canary Wharf

The main shopping centre at Canary Wharf is doing something exceptionally rare this weekend – they are admitting that men like to buy clothes.

Throughout the year, the place puts on lots of shopping events for the ladies, but the only male events tend to be of the generic “lads” variety – namely sports and computer games.

In an almost unprecedented move, they have filled the shopping centre with displays of male clothing. Admittedly, the displays also clog up an often too narrow corridor, but at least they finally recognise that men buy clothes.

However – moquette.

One of the displays, for Jaeger menswear has the mannequins sitting on five of the moquette cubes that the Transport Museum sells.


At £150 per cube, that’s quite an expensive display. I wonder if they are borrowed from the museum or if they bought them and they will be “lost” in a warehouse after the display finishes?

There is also a faux station sign, of the sort I saw on sale at the John Lewis in Stratford recently at eye-popping prices.

(tube pedants will of course observe that no train using that moquette has ever called at Canary Wharf)

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2 comments on “London Underground Moquette at Canary Wharf
  1. Dan says:

    Isn’t that a bus front board? There may have been buses with that moquette at Canary Wharf station … possibly … if they were very old …

  2. ronnie says:

    The LTMuseum sell clothes now. They have also started selling “Authentic” station signs. I was looking to get one until I saw the price. £750!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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