Attend the 2011 Cart Marking Ceremony

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Wed 13th July) morning, the annual Cart Marking Ceremony will take place in the City of London, and is worth taking the morning off work if you like vehicles of any sort.

Branding the wooden board - 1I wont be there this year, but have been a couple of times in the recent past, and it is one of the more enjoyable City traditions to watch.

In short, about 50 vehicles, from old carts to modern vans and cars are presented in the Guildhall courtyard (location map), and the Lord Mayor, assisted by the Master of the Carmen will use a hot iron to brand a piece of wood with the year mark to say that the vehicle has been approved for use in the City for this year.

What was once a legal requirement to trade in the City it is today just a pleasant ceremony to watch.

Tip, arrive by 10am, and take a seat on the North side of the Guildhall, where the posh dais that is set up. You’ll see less of the dignities, but a lot more of the actual branding action.

There is a guide offered for sale for (usually) £5 which goes to their charity, but also includes a list of all the vehicles to be presented that morning.

The whole thing starts about 10:30am, and finishes around noon.

My previous visits in 2010 and 2008.

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