How to Get Tickets to the Last Night of the Proms

Although it is easy to get tickets to any of the many outdoor extensions to the Last Night of the Proms, being inside the hallowed hall itself is rather harder to achieve.

To be allowed to buy tickets to the Last Night normally means you have to have brought tickets to at least five other shows, which understandably means an event that acts as an “end of school” party is largely filled up with people who went to school that year.

However, you can also apply for a small number of – rather more expensive – tickets via an annual ballot. Which has now closed.

But they may have some spares.

Any spare tickets for what is officially known as Prom 74 go on sale tomorrow morning at 9am.

The tickets are probably going to be for Centre Stalls (£82.50) and Front Circle (£55) and there is a limit of two tickets, not per person, but per household. Bad news for flat-sharing classical music fans.

Good luck!

If, as is likely, you (and I) fail to secure tickets, then “standing tickets” are usually still available on the Last Night itself, priced at a piddling £5 (one per person). Just join the queue on the South Steps, east side, or the top of Bremner Road, right side and you might be lucky, or sent home empty handed.

However, while we are on the topic of the Last Night, a memo to the BBC – while broadcasting the Proms in the Parks from around the country on the night is nice, and it is good that people in (for example) Cardiff can click the red button and see only what is going on in Cardiff, can those of us who want to see what is happening in the Hall without interuptions also have a red button option this year? Please.

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5 comments on “How to Get Tickets to the Last Night of the Proms
  1. Patrick says:

    I tried at 8.45 – there’s a queuing system and I got placed 1120th in the queue. At 9:10 I’m 543. So next year it’s probably worth trying at 6-7am.

    • IanVisits says:

      I was in fairly quickly at 8:30am.

      Might be worth hanging in though – bet a lot of people logging in will then decide not to take tickets.

  2. Mark says:

    Man, I just missed this. I curse the spherical earth and the time zone difference to America!

  3. Gary Rowe says:

    To be at the Proms once in my life

  4. suzie says:

    I’ve managed to get last night of the proms tickets for the past 8 years. Log onto the royal albert hall’s website (forget the bbc website) say about 8.45 just in case there’s a queue to get on, even if you do find yourself in postition 900 and something, just wait it doesn’t take long to get in. Tickets go on at 9am, get yourself on the page for the last night and as soon as the “buy tickets” option appears press it and it tells you what’s available, you just select and add to basket, and I’ve found they’re normally the cheap seats.

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