A small improvement to my Listings Guide

To help in finding local events near you within the remit of the events guide I maintain, the front page of the website now comes with added map goodness.

Basically, it marks all the events that are happening today, colour coded to indicate if they are one-off or something that could be done another day if you prefer.

It only shows fixed locations or guided walks where I know the start point. A lot of guided walks have “meeting point to be confirmed later”, which means I can’t add them to the map.

Also I may be able later to mark the rough routes of road/rail/river events on the map, but that needs more database magic to be applied so will have to wait a while until I work out what spells to cast on the webserver.

Hopefully it helps, and so long as there aren’t howls of anguish, then I’ll add it to a select few other pages later.

In the meantime, have a look here – towards the bottom of the front page.

Whats's on in London: today or tomorrow or this weekend

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