A review of London’s City Farms

Dotted around London, although mainly in the Eastern side are a number of small city farms which aim to give people a small insight into farm life and maybe a bit more awareness that a lamp chop isn’t born in a plastic wrapper.

The first city farm was set up in 1972 in Kentish Town, and rather later, I now live quite close to one city farm which offers a pleasant detour when out for a walk, and I thought it was about time that I visited all sixteen of them.

I say “all 16”, although that is a variable figure depending on whether the place has animals, is a member of an official organisation or promoted by the GLA. I am visiting 14 city farms and 2 not quite city farms, but probably could be.

Most are free to visit, existing on donations and sponsorships, with just two on the edges of London charging an entry fee.

Mudchute City Farm a bit earlier in the year

Some are definitely aimed at the younger visitor, but many will appeal to anyone who wants to get a whiff of silage in their nostrils as opposed to London’s more usual aroma of car fumes and chicken-in-a-box shops.

Over the few weeks, I’ll post a review of each farm, and at the end of it all, will say which I thought are the best city farms in London.

ABelmont Children’s Farm
BBrooks Farm
CKentish Town City Farm
DFreightliners City Farm
EHackney City Farm
FSpitalfields City Farm
GStepney City Farm
HNewham City Farm
ISurrey Docks Farm
JMudchute Park and Farm
KVauxhall City Farm
LMaryon Petting Zoo
MHounslow Urban Farm
NWoodlands Farm Trust
OCrystal Palace Park Farm
PDeen City Farm and Riding School


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3 comments on “A review of London’s City Farms
  1. David Walters says:

    What are the qualifying criteria to be a city farm? Coram’s Fields has “sheep, goats, ducks, hens and much more”. The goats and sheep are free range and do a great job of keeping the lawns trimmed.

  2. Chris M says:

    Did you ever finish this series?

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